Welcome to Rotorua’s historic running club – ‘Lake City Athletic Club’


Subscriptions for the financial year commencing 1 April 2019 can now be paid and will cover the period

1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

Registrations can only be accepted “online” through the Club Registration Website Portal
To access this Portal please click the link below

Lake City Registration

If you are an existing member click on “login” (on menu bar), and select “Renew”
Check your current details are correct and update if necessary and then complete with a Credit Card Payment
If you have forgotten your password, please select “Forgotten my password” from the Login page, and follow instructions to reset it.
If you are a new member
Click “Registration” and fill out the form.
Complete the registration with a Credit Card Payment

Track and Field

An open meeting will held in midwinter to discuss the future of the clubs track and field event series for 2019, details to be provided at a later date.

Winter Cross Country and Harriers

The 2019 winter season is here!

New this year: Some events on Sundays as well as Saturdays, so those with Saturday sport can come down and complete.
Find out what’s happening:
2019 Winter Season Programme

Guff Sheet

Get the latest Guff sheet here

For previous Guff sheets see the Guff Sheet page

Trout Fly

From 1st November to 21st March
3km or 5km fun run through sulphur flats
More info on the Trout Fly page

New course record!
Michael Voss – 15.02, 7 Feb 2019

Results from 21st March’s Trout Fly here:

Long Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Will O’Connor117.04
Ian McDonald217.18
Matt Parsonage317.39
Adrian Lysaght418.03
Steve Parker518.20
Tony Broadhead618.27
Chris Corney718.30
Alan Ferguson819.21
Kerry Robinson919.29
Megan Grant1019.49
Fred Shilton1120.12
Graeme Pearson1220.14
Morgan Ball1320.16
Alan Crombie1420.22
Chris Kabban1520.29
Rhys Downes1621.53
Lance Shilton1721.54
Trina Solgai1821.58
Shane Hossack1922.15
Nathan Platt2022.54
Emma O’Connor2123.08
Kingston Ryan2223.15
Mike Ryan2323.21
Kelly Mitchell2423.26
Chris Lord2523.27
Chris Browne2623.52
Phil Gulbransen2724.13
Noreen Crombie2824.22
Simon Street2924.36
Steve Bradley3025.24
Dee Horne3126.02
Faith McGregor3226.59
Fain Scarllet3327.55
Ray Hewlett3428.42
Robert Corbett3530.24
Sam Shiels3631.14
Greg Shiels3731.14
Rachel Catley3831.4
Amber Albrecht3935.33
Kirsty Peterson4035.33
Janet Shorland4135.48
Logan Morrison4237.26
Jayson Morrison4337.26

Short Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Jamie Hall110.30
Jonah Funnel210.50
Cody Shilton311.00
Anja Crombie411.40
Ashleigh Randell512.23
Ben Shiels612.58
Jayda Moke713.09
Nikita Harding813.22
Anton Harding913.23
Bruce McGregor1013.24
Tyla Albrecht1114.00
James McGregor1214.08
Lydia O’Callaghan1314.26
Ryder Moke1414.31
Steve O’Callaghan1514.32
Amber Lysaght1614.56
Kaspa Grunwell1715.04
Declan Albrecht1815.18
Michael Harding1915.27
Rachel Wright2015.30
Alana Pethybridge2115.42
Madeleine Pethybridge2215.42
Sophie Loveless2315.48
Eloise Newcombe2415.49
Nikki Newcombe2515.49
Travis Grunwell2616.44
Aaron Randell2716.52
Ian Loveless2816.54
Judy Hewlett2916.54
George McGregor3017.25
Chase Grunwell3117.50
Angela Grunwell3217.50
Tamzin joy3317.50
Natalia Loveless3418.13
Melanie Loveless3518.13
Rina Joy3618.16
Daniel Shiels3719.25
Dean Richardson3819.36
Max Stratford3919.53
Margi Funnel4020.41
Lionel Sorensen4120.55
Shona Sorensen4221.30
Denis Albrecht4321.42
Macey Albrecht4421.42
Cathy Jackson4522.52
Jayne Ferguson4623.03
Peter Vyver4727.07
Julie Fiske4827.45
Amber Stratford4928.31
Sarah Painter5028.31

Adult Track and Field

The adult summer track and field for the 2018-19 summer is starting 7th November 2018
Wednesday evenings
More info on the Track and Field page

Document Updates

The clubs relay team selection policy and keypad application form have been updated. Click on the link to go to the documentation page to find the updated documents.

Do you want keypad access to the clubrooms?
Read the keypad application form to see if you meet the criteria for a keypad code.

Documentation Page

Events Over Winter

Cross Country
Lake City hosts cross country and harrier (road running) events through winter.
There is a series of interesting events in interesting locations around Rotorua.
These events are held most Saturdays and are a great way to keep active with the whole family over the winter months.
Click here for the winter program

 Lake City Athletic Club has various club activities such as:

– Running Groups
– Walking Groups
– Children’s Athletics
– Senior Track and Field
– Winter Harrier and Cross Country

As part of these groups we also have running/walking clinics for the marathon, half marathon and 10km.

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