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Subscriptions for the financial year commencing 1 April 2020 can now be paid and will cover the period

1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021

Registrations can only be accepted “online” through the Club Registration Website Portal.
To access this Portal please click the link below

Lake City Registration

  • If you are an existing member click on “login” (on menu bar), and select “Renew”

Check your current details are correct and update if necessary and then complete with a Credit Card Payment
If you have forgotten your password, please select “Forgotten my password” from the Login page, and follow instructions to reset it.

  • If you are a new member
    Click “Registration” and fill out the form.
    Complete the registration with a Credit Card Payment

Neil Hunt Park Clubrooms Closed

The restrictions implemented by the Government relating to Covid-19 impose many restrictions for the next month. The Clubrooms will therefore be closed until further notice Please do not use your keypad access to enter the building.
John Marten

Trout Fly

Trout Fly returns on the 7th November for the 2019-2020 season.
Great 3km/5km fun run/walk through the sulfur flats.
See 2019-2020 season flyer here

5th March 2020 Results

Long Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Michael Voss117.03
Will O’Connor217.05
Matt Parsonage317.11
Bryn Parry417.38
Alan Ferguson518.18
Leigh Reynolds618.24
Austin Lash718.31
Chris Corney818.39
Nathan Sturrock919.02
Matt Gare1019.17
Heath Lash1119.25
Sue Crowley1219.41
Alan Crombie1319.43
Graham Pearson1419.49
Megan Grant1519.51
Steve Halloway1620.04
Russell Clarke1720.06
Richard Harris1820.34
Fred Shilton1920.4
Satoru Kuwabaia2021.36
Ian Breadmore2121.38
Claire Barret-Wood2221.45
Lance Shilton2321.54
Aaron Perry2422.07
Anna Longdill2522.27
Noreen Crombie2622.45
Andrew Twiddy2722.5
Sian Twiddy2822.5
Paul Houghton2923.03
Emma Cooper3023.1
Steve Fiske3123.17
Billy Ferguson3223.23
Phil Gulbransen3323.49
George Allan3424.22
Lydia Stallion3525.03
Phil Matheson3625.04
Tracey Bjarnensen3725.13
Taxson Mathews3825.19
Dee Horne3925.22
Chris Bycroft4026.06
Callum Walsh4126.13
Megan Clarke4227.44
Peter Aitken4327.44
Kate Evanson4430.44
Raelene Dekker4531.35
Quang Pham4639.02
Kylie Tiuka4739.22
Peter Vyver4839.27

Short Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Shaun Wyatt110.06
Anja Crombie210.35
Bella Wyatt310.36
Cody Shilton411.38
Sahara Katene512.13
Leif Parry612.38
Blake Parry712.44
Ryder Moke813.44
Ethan Katene914.28
Jules Perry1015.25
Chase Grunwell1116.01
Travis Grunwell1217.16
Angela Grunwell1318.10
Tamzin Joy1418.27
Rina Joy1519.01
Aniko Aitken1620.35
Benji Dekker1721.45
Ben Dekker1821.46
Amelia Mathews1921.56
Jeanett Dekker2022.16
Eilidh Ferguson2127.05
Jayne Ferguson2227.05
Margaret Ferguson2327.05

Winter Cross Country and Harriers

2020 Winter Season

Over the summer months the 2020 winter season programme will be addressed. The talk is that the programme will have some new exciting events on it matched with some of the old favorites.

Guff Sheet

Get the latest Guff sheet here

For previous Guff sheets see the Guff Sheet page

Lake City Athletic Club has various club activities such as:

– Running Groups
– Walking Groups
– Children’s Athletics
– Senior Track and Field
– Winter Harrier and Cross Country

As part of these groups we also have running/walking clinics for the marathon, half marathon and 10km.

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