Welcome to Rotorua’s historic running club – ‘Lake City Athletic Club’

The Ultimate Race

Lake City’s NEW Marathon Training Clinic is underway! For all enquiries, please contact Annemarie Gallagher, Marathon Convenor on 0276229688

Or email lakecitymarathonclinic@gmail.com


Registration for the club runs from 1st April to 31st March.

Registrations for the current year have closed and will soon be available for the next financial commencing 1 April 2019.
You will be advised as soon as these are available.

Please do not register “online” at the moment.

Guff Sheet

Get the latest Guff sheet here

For previous Guff sheets see the Guff Sheet page

Trout Fly

From 1st November to 21st March
3km or 5km fun run through sulphur flats
More info on the Trout Fly page

New course record!
Michael Voss – 15.02, 7 Feb 2019

Results from 7th March’s Trout Fly here:

Long Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Will O’Connor116.48
Kaya Corporaal217.15
Ian McDonald317.26
Matt Parsonage417.35
Ian Loveless517.44
Bryn Parry617.56
Adrian Lysaght718.19
Nick Crocker818.37
Carl Fischer918.40
Chris Corney1018.47
Alan Ferguson1118.56
Andrew Twiddy1219.10
Andy Hickson1319.57
Fred Shilton1419.59
Mike Jolie1520.05
Greg Malcolm1620.29
Steven O’Callaghan1720.37
Brad Griffiths1820.48
Alan Crombie1920.56
Morgan Ball2021.08
David Hunter2121.22
Lance Shilton2221.55
Graeme Pearson2321.57
Femke Hillbink2422.08
Karl Murton2522.16
Tracey Bjarnesen2622.21
Rhys Downes2722.44
Stevie Fiske2823.22
Chris Lord2923.50
Sarah Lei3023.56
Phil Gulbransen3123.59
Phillip Gallagher3224.40
Noreen Crombie3324.49
Chris Bycroft3425.22
Dee Horne3525.56
Kumar Magnusson3626.43
Matt Fisken3726.55
Ashleigh Randell3827.01
Justine Randell3927.03
Kathryn Murphy4027.18
Mark Stratford4127.49
George Allan4225.59
Nicky Kenny4328.18
Sam Shiels4430.10
Greg Shiels4530.11
Olivia Harris4630.28
Rachael Catley4730.51
Anton Harding4832.22
Mike Gallagher4936.22

Short Course

NameOverall PlacingTime
Jamie Hall110.46
Sian Twiddy211.01
Jonah Funnell311.08
Cody Shilton411.18
Anja Crombie511.42
Willow Parry612.11
Sharon Caulfield712.2
Ben Shiels812.40
James McFarlane912.45
Nikita Harding1012.45
Ryan Lei1112.46
Kasper Grunwell1212.56
Jacob Meyer1313.23
Bruce McGregor1413.35
Keira Murphy1514.18
Chase Grunwell1614.24
Daniel Shiels1714.30
Alfie Cochrane1814.33
Elizabeth Meyer1914.40
Claire Randell2015.00
Blake Parry2115.06
Travis Grunwell2215.42
Ryder Moke2315.44
Jayda Moke2415.44
Maisie O’Callaghan2515.44
Rachael Wright2615.57
Julz Parry2716.35
Sophie Loveless2816.50
Angela Grunwell2916.53
Eloise Newcombe3017.04
Nikki Newcombe3117.05
Judy Hewlett3217.42
Natalia Loveless3317.43
Lydia O’Callaghan3417.50
Isabella Kilmester3517.51
Jason Morrison3618.53
Alyssa Hall3719.56
Lionel Sorensen3820.02
Margi Funnell3920.10
Nina Cochrane4020.33
Sonja Cochrane4120.34
Shona Sorensen4220.40
Julie Fiske4322.14
George McGregor4422.19
Peter Vyver4522.21
Max Stratford4623.07
Sarah Painter4723.08
Sebastien Morrison4823.42
Ava Fiske4923.46
Josh Gallagher5024.30
Logan-James Morrison5125.29
Kelly Mitchell (w)5229.56
Gail Mitchell (w)5329.57
Ivan Mitchell (w)5429.57
Tony Broadhead (w)5530.01
Jayne Ferguson (w)5636.22

Adult Track and Field

The adult summer track and field for the 2018-19 summer is starting 7th November 2018
Wednesday evenings
More info on the Track and Field page


Membership Registration for Children has now closed for the year ending 31 March 2019.
Due to the high demand for this seasons membership, we have had to cap our registrations at 300 children.
The Athletics track season runs from October-March each year. If you would like to sign up early to secure your spot for next season (October 2019-March 2020), you can register online from 1 April 2019

Document Updates

The clubs relay team selection policy and keypad application form have been updated. Click on the link to go to the documentation page to find the updated documents.

Do you want keypad access to the clubrooms?
Read the keypad application form to see if you meet the criteria for a keypad code.

Documentation Page

Events Over Winter

Cross Country
Lake City hosts cross country and harrier (road running) events through winter.
There is a series of interesting events in interesting locations around Rotorua.
These events are held most Saturdays and are a great way to keep active with the whole family over the winter months.
Click here for the winter program

 Lake City Athletic Club has various club activities such as:

– Running Groups
– Walking Groups
– Children’s Athletics
– Senior Track and Field
– Winter Harrier and Cross Country

As part of these groups we also have running/walking clinics for the marathon, half marathon and 10km.

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