Lake City Athletic Club

Welcome to Rotorua’s historic running club – ‘Lake City Athletic Club’

Lake City Registration

Subscriptions for the financial year commencing 1 April 2021 will be available on 1st April and will cover the period

1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

Registrations can only be accepted “online” through the Club Registration Website Portal.
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Lake City Registration

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Kia Tū, Kia Ora Running Clinic

Lake City’s Kia Tū, Kia Ora 16 week running clinic is running now.
Training program for the 2021 Rotorua Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km on the 8th of May

To join register: here

Children’s Athletics

Children’s Athletics season is on now.

For more details see the Children’s Athletics Page

Teens and Seniors Track and Field

Senior championships on now.

See the 2020/21 Program here

Championship Program

24th February

6.15pm 1 mile Non championship
6.35pm Triple jump Championship – all grades
6.35pm Javelin Championship – all grades
7.00pm 60 metres Non championship
7.20pm 2km steeplechase* Championship for, Men and Women Grade 17, masters women 35 plus and Masters Men 60 plus
7.30pm 3km steeplechase* Championship for men 19, senior men (20-34) and Masters Men (35-59), Women (20-34)

17th March

5.30pm 10000 metres Championship – walkers and runners likely to take over 60 minutes to complete the event.
6.00pm 10000 metres Championship – runners likely to complete the event under 60 minutes.
Please supply your own lap recorder.

Trout Fly

Trout Fly returns in November for the 2020-2021 season.
Great 3km/5km fun run/walk through the sulfur flats.

4th February 2021 Results

Long Course (Alternative 4km Course)
Name Overall PlacingTime
Ephrain Sisay113.59
Michael Voss214.04
Leigh Reynolds314.26
Adrian Lysaght414.50
Andy Twiddy515.15
Greg Malcolm615.40
Adam Marshment715.41
Megan Grant816.04
Steven Halloway916.14
George Allan1016.15
Alan Crombie1116.15
Fred Shilton1216.37
Lance Shilton1316.56
Russell Clarke1416.59
Hannah Gapes1517.02
Daniel Gapes1617.03
Graeme Pearson1717.51
Emma O’Connor1817.54
Anja Crombie1918.12
Richard Bungeroth2018.14
Stevie Fiske2118.17
Noreen Crombie2218.18
Charlotte Barclay2318.19
Emma Hickson2418.21
Jason Finnerty2518.24
Sian Twiddy2618.48
Erin Jeffrey2719.05
Kerryn Barker2819.40
Phil Gulbransen2919.43
Sarah Lei3020.18
Faith Barber3120.41
Colin Earwaker3222.26
Hannah Hickson3322.47
Bec Princess3423.13
Jodie Hickson3523.56
Sam Shiels3624.20
Greg Shiels3724.20
Rach Wright3825.15
Dee Horne3925.58
Kathryn Murphy4026.00
Short Course
NameOverall PlacingTime
Ray Shin110.54
Novak Marshment212.43
Tommy Sharp313.05
Teddy Sharp413.05
James McGregor513.16
Bruce McGregor613.28
Cody Shilton713.55
Amber Lysaght814.01
Ashleigh Randell914.29
Arwen Barker1014.31
Ben Shiels1115.08
Claire Randell1215.11
Fraser Barclay1315.14
Kiera Murphy1415.49
Ava Fiske1516.01
Ryder Moke1616.24
Helen Marshment1717.44
Jack McLean1818.07
Jared McLean1918.09
Leah Barker2018.15
Aaron Randell2118.16
Daneil Shiels2218.22
Patrick Donovan2318.27
Catherine Donovan2418.27
Judy Hewlett2519.47
Erica Shilton2624.48
Eilidh Ferguson2728.15
Alan Ferguson2828.22
Euan Ferguson2928.27
Max Ward3031.27
Kathy Jackson3131.27
Darren Clout3232.23
Rob Colledge3332.43
Shona Clout3432.48
Liam McGregor3533.04

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Lake City Athletic Club has various club activities such as:

  • Running Groups
  • Walking Groups
  • Children’s Athletics
  • Senior Track and Field
  • Winter Harrier and Cross Country

As part of these groups we also have running/walking clinics for the marathon, half marathon and 10km.