Lake City Athletic Club

Welcome to Rotorua’s historic running club – ‘Lake City Athletic Club’


Subscriptions for the financial year commencing 1 April 2020 can now be paid and will cover the period

1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021

Registrations can only be accepted “online” through the Club Registration Website Portal.
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Lake City Registration

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Check your current details are correct and update if necessary and then complete with a Credit Card Payment
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Children’s Athletics

Children’s Athletics starts 12th October

For more details see the Children’s Athletics Page

Teens and Seniors Track and Field

Season starts 4th November

See the 2020/21 Program here

Trout Fly

Trout Fly returns in November for the 2020-2021 season.
Great 3km/5km fun run/walk through the sulfur flats.

19th November 2020 Results

Long Course
Name Overall PlacingTime
Michael Voss117.57
Jason Cameron218.54
Andy Twiddy319.05
Fred Shilton419.21
Matt Gare519.23
Adrian Lysaght619.30
Chris Corney719.31
Dave Cronshaw819.50
Graeme Pearson920.07
Alam Crombie1020.17
Russell Clarke1120.53
George Allan1220.59
Anya Crombie1321.57
Chris Lord1422.23
Peter Roy1522.38
Moreen Crombie1622.51
Steve Bjarnesen1723.02
Emma O’Connor1823.14
Greg Shields1923.38
Gavin Voss2023.44
Phil Gulbransen2123.46
Richard Bungeroth2223.50
Sian Twiddy2323.56
Kerryn Barker2424.38
Stevie Fiske2524.48
Erin Jeffrey2624.57
Faith McGreggor2725.21
Campbell Horn2825.34
Blake Burgess2925.44
Dee Horne3026.02
Jason Finnerty3126.44
Charlotte Barclay3226.50
Emma Hickson3326.51
Erin Barclay3427.02
Megan Clarke3527.06
Jack Benson3628.09
Raylene Dekker3729.51
Kate Flemming3829.52
Jeanet Dekker3933.04
Short Course
NameOverall PlacingTime
Ray Shin19.49
Lance Shilton210.12
Clare Barret-Wood310.38
Connor Lysaght410.42
James McGreggor512.10
Amber Lysaght612.43
Anita Joy712.43
Arwen Barker812.57
Bruce McGreggor913.13
Christine Crowley1013.45
Leigh Reynolds1114.03
Ava Fiske1214.16
Robert Roy1315.00
Daniel Shields1415.18
Tracey Bjarnesen1515.57
Ian Yoo1616.03
Rena Joy1716.09
Eunice Yoo1816.33
Rachael Wright1916.41
Holly Barclay2017.47
Hannah Hickson2117.47
Jodie Hickson2217.49
Caleb Finnerty2317.54
Tori Finnerty2417.56
Joshua Finnerty2517.57
George McGreggor2618.57
Benji Dekaer2719.29
Ben Dekaer2819.29
Katie Roy2922.15
Amelia Matthews3022.16
Liam McGreggor3123.27
Steph Charles3223.57
Clare Roy3324.50
Jare Ferguson3429.15
Eilidh Ferguson3529.17
Nick Jeffery3629.50
Euan Ferguson3729.57
Alan Ferguson3829.59

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Lake City Athletic Club has various club activities such as:

  • Running Groups
  • Walking Groups
  • Children’s Athletics
  • Senior Track and Field
  • Winter Harrier and Cross Country

As part of these groups we also have running/walking clinics for the marathon, half marathon and 10km.