In 1991 three local clubs [Rotorua Joggers Club, Ngongotaha Track Club, Rotorua Amateur Athletic, Cycling and Harrier Club Inc] joined together to become the only athletic club in Rotorua – The Lake City Athletic Club Inc.

Our LCAC has had several very good Presidents over the years, including Len Watson who is a local accountant. Len was initially the Treasurer from 1976 to 1982, then became President from 1991 to 2000. He has also been an Athletics NZ Board Member since the early 1990’s. Len was one of the prime motivators to strengthen athletics in the Rotorua area by the forming of one club. In the early 1980’s he was one of the key motivators in the construction and building of our current clubrooms. Len spent many voluntary hours at working bees to see the project completed. He was also key in upgrading and computerizing results for our popular Rotorua Marathon and Kingsgate Half Marathon. In 1990 Len received the Long Service Award from Athletics NZ for his contribution to the sport, and in 1995 he received the Rotorua District Community Award.

Dennis and Pam Kenny are another couple who have given immeasurable service to the sport of Athletics. They were both honored with Queens Service Medals in 2008, for their 30 years of service to the Rotorua Marathon.

The year before, Dennis was asked whether he deserved a Queens Service Medal (QSM) and he said “no give it to my wife. I believe Pam should be getting the recognition because she did far more than what I have over the years. We both have put a lot into the sport but invariably in these instances it’s the male who gets the recognition.”

Dennis is a former competitor, coach and selector and was involved in athletics in the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty for more than 50 years. He was the Rotorua Marathon’s race director for 34 years.

Dennis & Pam Kenny, PICTURE by BEN FRASER

Pam was a former New Zealand high jump representative, competing at the Perth Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1962 and the Pan Pacific Games in Japan and Canada in the 1970s.

Both Pam and Dennis have served on the Executive Committee in various roles for many years, and have since been awarded Life Membership.

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History by Pam Kenny

Colin Smyth - 32 Fletchers completed
Colin Maxwell Smyth – 31 March 1939 – 5 July 2015

Colin came into the sport of athletics in 1960 as a member of the then Rotorua Athletic and Harrier Club. These early days were as a competitive runner participating in Club, Athletics Waikato, National track, cross-country and marathon events. Colin represented Athletics Waikato at various National marathon championships, and has been a member of Centre inter-provincial cross-country teams.
As well as being a participating athlete Colin has been involved in the administrative side of the sport at Club executive and sub-committee levels, and was one of those instrumental in forming the Ngongotaha Track Club in 1976. From 1976 to 1983 he was their club president.
On the formation of the Lake City Athletic Club in 1991 (the amalgamation of the Ngongotaha and Rotorua clubs), Colin continued his administrative role and at the time of his passing was a member of the Lake City executive. He had Life membership with both the Lake City Athletic Club and the Ngongotaha Track Club.
What Colin was more revered for was his mentoring of people with their running and walking. Through this he grew club membership, especially the walking fraternity. Even with health problems he was out with his walkers pre-marathon guiding and encouraging them with their marathon training.
The mana of the man was shown on 2 May 2015 when he completed his 50th sponsored Rotorua Marathon. Family, friends, past and current club members formed a roster and walked with him around Lake Rotorua.
As well as 50 sponsored marathons Colin completed prior to 1965 3 club marathon championships around the Lake Rotorua (1962,1963,1964), this giving him a total of 53 consecutive official “Around the Lake” marathons. Colin accumulated in excess of 100 marathon finishes over the years.
It was fitting that Colin completed his 50th Rotorua Marathon around the time of the events official prize giving. The reception he got from those waiting for the prize giving as he neared the finish line was over whelming not only for Colin but for many of his supporters.
Colin received an Athletics New Zealand long service award in 1990 and posthumously an Athletics Waikato BOP Long Service award in August 2015.
Colin had many strings to his bow – coach / mentor, confidant, athlete, administrator, story and joke teller, and friend.

The above is only a very brief summary of what Colin has contributed to the community and his chosen sport.

Rest in peace Colin – your will legacy live on!


Sponsored marathons around Lake Rotorua
(1965 – 2015 inclusive)

Plus 3 additional club marathons
(1962, 1963, 1964)

1962 2.52.00 1980 3.01.38 1998 4.11.13
1963 3.03.54 1981 3.03.56 1999 Rained out
1964 2.46.10 1982 2.56.17 2000 4.14.45
1965 2.51.53 1983 3.59.10 2001 5.57.52
1966 3.00.46 1984 2.56.31 2002 5.17.54
1967 2.42.32 1985 3.50.32 2003 6.35.36
1968 2.50.36 1986 3.20.17 2004 6.13.46
1969 2.55.23 1987 3.12.38 2005 6.46.18
1970 2.51.18 1988 4.15.11 2006 6.56.41
1971 2.48.12 1989 3.32.37 2007 6.21.33
1972 3.26.53 1990 3.21.40 2008 6.17.41
1973 3.03.17 1991 4.33.44 2009 6.09.28
1974 3.15.14 1992 4.50.03 2010 6.32.02
1975 2.59.06 1993 5.04.02 2011 6.12.53
1976 3.03.55 1994 4.49.22 2012 6.24.37
1977 3.45.56 1995 4.40.36 2013 7.06.14
1978 3.39.18 1996 4.19.31 2014 7.39.48
1979 3.21.13 1997 5.06.59 2015 11.04.49