Redwoods Forest Relay

The rumours are true, it’s back!  Much loved and eagerly anticipated in 2021.  The Redwoods Forest Relay (since 1979) will make a welcome return to the iconic Redwoods Grove, Rotorua from 9.30am, Sunday 12th September.  It is the only running and walking relay event in the Whakarewarewa Forest.  Say goodbye to winter and celebrate the arrival of spring with your friends, family and work mates in a friendly, fun atmosphere.  Run or walk, competitive or social – all are welcome, with a live DJ playing all your favourite tunes.  New in 2021 – courses for the open and secondary schools event plus a new primary & intermediate schools relay.  And the launch of a Rotorua Lazy Sneakers collection site!  Find out more in the ‘about us’ tab.



Race Grades Grade RequirementsEarly Bird Price
Until 31st July
Standard Price
1 Aug – 31st Aug
Late Entry Price
1 Sept – 10th Sept
PrimaryNon timed 4 in a team any gender$39$49$59
Mixed Secondary(Minimum 2 females)$59$69$79
Female SecondaryTeam of 4$59$69$79
Male SecondaryTeam of 4$59$69$79
WalkersTeam of 2 any gener$39$49$59
Social MixedTeam of 5 (minimum of 2 females)$99$109$119
Social FemaleTeam of 5$99$109$119
Social MaleTeam of 5$99$109$119
Masters WomenTeam of 5$99$109$119
Masters MenTeam of 5$99$109$119
Open WomenTeam of 5$99$109$119
Open MenTeam of 5$99$109$119


5km Course

5km Course Description

Start at the sails, run downhill and turn left to follow the path beside the road. Turn left to re-enter the forest (the same way as the usual Red Stag Relay course). Turn right to join the Waitawa (Blue) Track. Continue on the Blue Track until the Pram Track, where you turn right. Turn left off the Pram Track onto the downhill section of the Mokopuna Track that is parallel to Tarawera Rd. From here, the course could either continue all the way down the Mokopuna Track, could veer off to the right to join the old single track between the Mokopuna Track and Tarawera Rd, or could exit the forest and have people run down the grass between the forest and Tarawera Rd.

Whichever way, we get down to the intersection of Tarawera Rd and Long Mile Rd. Turn left to run along the footpath, and then turn left up the Pram Track, then right to re-join the Waitawa (Blue Track). Continue along the Blue Track until Rifle Range Rd, where you turn left. Just before the “Tree Island”, turn right onto a single trail. This single trail crosses the road that goes up from the Redwoods Centre, and then turn right onto the track that leads back down to the Sails.

3km Course

3km Course Description

Is the same as the 5km course for the first 2km. At the 2km mark, when runners are on the Waitawa (Blue) Track, between Rifle Range Rd and the Pram track, the 3km course turns left onto a single track (whereas the 5km course continues straight). This single-track exits onto Rifle Range Rd just below the Tree Island, and the 3km course re-joins the 5km course to the finish.

Kid’s Course

1.2km Kids Course Description

Starts at the Sails, runs downhill and turns left to follow the path beside the road, the same as the 5km and 3km courses. Turns left to re-enter the forest, but turns left to run over the boardwalk and along the main walking path back through the Redwoods to the Redwoods Centre, then turns right to run back up to the Sails. 

Race Day Timetable

Race pack pickup from 7.30am – 9.00 from isite

Primary grade  (year 8 and under) first race of the day start time 9.30am

Adult grade start time at the commencement of the children’s race approximately 10.00am

More details to come.

Event Options:


  • 4 Runners with any gender combination who are year 8 or under.

Secondary Mixed

  • A minimum of 2 female runners of year 9-13 are all must be a pupil of the same school on race day.

Secondary Female

  • 4 female runners of year 9-13 and all must be a pupil of the same school on race day.

Secondary Male

  • 4 male runners of year 9-13 and all must be a pupil of the same school on race day.


  • 2 walkers that are required to walk the entire distance and failure to do so may end in disqualification of the team. Please walk in single file on narrow sections of the course and move over when requested by an overtaking person. The Walkers section is open to recreational and competitive participants. Teams may be of mixed gender.

Social Mixed

  • 5 members with a minimum of 2 females.

Social Female

  • 5 female members

Social Male

  • 5 male members

Masters Women

  • Competitive section with 5 members who are 35 years of age or older on race day.

Masters Men

  • Competitive section with 5 members who are 35 years of age or older on race day.

Senior Women

  • Competitive section with 5 members who are under 35 years of age on race day.

Senior Men

  • Competitive section with 5 members who are under 35 years of age on race day.


To be confirmed.

Event Contacts

Event Director – 021 129 3119


  • Participants may compete in no more than two laps for a team provided they are consecutive laps and do not include the last lap. No more than one person in a team can complete in multiple laps.
  • Excepting the Masters and Secondary aged participants may compete in the Mens and Womens open grades, all other participants must compete in their appropriate age groups. Any team that is unable to comply with these requirements shall enter as a social team.
  • Non-adherence to the above race rules may lead to team disqualification.


  •  It is encouraged that teams wear club, school, or another form of costume to enable teams to be easily identifiable.

Team Changes, Replacements and Race Packs

  • The order of running/walking shall be stated on the entry form. Team members may be replaced with emergencies (but not to rearrange the running order)
  • Organisers to be advised of any changes not later than 9.00am on race day.
  • Race packs can be collected from 7.30 – 9.00 from the i-site on race day.

Course and Changeover

  • The course comprises a mixture of footpath, grassed tracks, and forest tracks, all with good surfaces
  • The changeover point is at the common start/finish line with a baton being exchanged.
  • Only those team members who are about to commence their lap shall be allowed in the start/finish area. There shall be no warming up in or about the start/finish area.
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front of the participant.

Refunds and Transfers

  • Any request for refunds MUST be received at least one week prior to the event in writing to
  • In the case of a natural disaster, closure of the tracks, roads or properties used for any reason, covid or any ‘act of god’ conditions causing cancellation of the event, all entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Transfers of any entry to a new team (competing over the same distance) on the day are permitted before 9.00am but will incur a fee.


  • All participants participate at their own risk.
  • No earphones/devices are to be worn.


  • Prizes to be awarded to first place based on race day provisional results.
  • All spot prizes will be drawn randomly from all finishing teams. Winners must be present at the awards ceremony to complete their eligibility for these prizes.
  • Official timekeeping will cease 3 hours after the start of the relay.


  • Accompanying animals are not permitted on the course without express permission of the Race Organisers.