Training Schedules

At the club we generally have two different Training Schedules, one for Winter and one for Summer. Most events welcome beginners, so please don’t let the titles intimidate you! Feel free to print the attached .pdf of the Training Schedules. Then you can ring or email the Co-Ordinator on the list, or simply show up and say hi on the day!


In Summer we concentrate on Track & Field, Athletics, the short Trout Fly route, and of course the Marathon Clinics. Pack runs leave in the afternoons during the week, and can go for longer as the days are longer. We have great Athletic evenings at the Track grounds, which are fantastic for children, parents, and grandparents alike. Every evening there is at least one event for newbies and beginners, where our retired athletes coach as volunteers.


In Winter we do a lot of Cross Country and Road Running on the weekends, exploring the Redwoods and various Farmlands, Reserves, and local member’s training grounds. Pack runs also continue, but are kept fairly short during the week due to lack of daylight hours.


Our club members frequently enjoy out-of-town trips to other clubs, to compete with athletes from around the Bay, the Waikato, and even Nationally. Most events can be attended by club-only members, but many events require you to be fully registered with Athletics NZ to be eligible for placings. Many of our social members simply enjoy travelling and taking part in the events with a group and having fun with others from the club. Check the Events Page for further details or contact the Harriers Convenors under ‘Contact Us’.

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